If you are looking to start a business overseas, then a franchise opportunity in Singapore may be the best you can find. This is because Singapore is a fast-growing economy and a lucrative market in which to invest. You can find many local and international franchises such as Subway, KFC, Instaroid, Frespresso, Gold’s Gym, and many others doing well in the island-city.

The primary reason businesspeople opt to invest in a franchise is that it is a proven profit-making enterprise. There is no need to worry about business strategy or working model. All they have to do is bear operating costs. As easy as it sounds, there are a few points to consider before embarking on this journey.

* What interests you?

It is best to invest in a franchise that closely matches your passion. This is because you know what your strengths and weaknesses are and can handle the business accordingly. If you are a master with numbers then you could choose a franchise that deals with finance. Similarly, if you are a people-person then customer service could be your forte.

* Are you willing to take the risk?

Riding on a successful business model may seem like the easiest investment, but what you may not know is that you only get the plan, nothing else. All the costs, from renting a place to finding employees, have to be borne by you. Be aware of the operating costs after you set up the business as well.

* Meet the franchisor

You should know with whom you are entering into a partnership. Meeting the management can help you understand the business better and ease your decision-making process.

* Calculate overall costs

A franchisor is entitled to franchise fees that include trademark royalties, training fees, and a portion of your sales. Operating costs will vary from time to time. You may have to make changes to suit business requirements that also come from your pocket. You will need about SGD$50,000 to SGD$600,000 to simply break into the business.

* Pick safe brands

Carving a niche and standing out from the crowd is an admirable sentiment but a time-consuming process on the road to profit. A well-established brand, on the other hand, already has a loyal customer base that will reel in profits. If you are starting out, then choose a brand with which customers are already familiar such as Subway or Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

If you have read and understood the costs, risks, and obstacles involving a franchise opportunity in Singapore and are confident in dealing with them, then you can expect a steady and rewarding business experience.

Foods are being introduced internationally by owners who want to expand their restaurants. There are a few difficulties that go into expanding a restaurant, but should these concerns be dealt with there are far more advantages that come with owning a F&B franchise is that Singapore residents are sure to visit often. From taking southern food from the USA and shima from Africa, and making it available to all, this sort of business has bridged the gap for food owners worldwide.

A franchise is a means in which an owner of restaurants chooses in which to make food accessible for the guests all over the world or even a bigger area than just the home town. By branching out the owner is able share the love for the food that is made and make is accessible for the public all over. With plenty of traveling that goes into opening up franchises, there is a lot of work that goes into it, which can always be fun.

Business executives toasting success at lunch

A big problem that can prove to be a lot more severing from some owners than others is that getting the recipes exact with all the necessary ingredients. Due to the fact that each item on the menu needs to be a mirror of the signature home restraints dish, each time must be correct. This can prove to be difficult when ingredients like sushi or Ostrich can only be obtained from certain parts of the world.

There are however plenty of advantages that go with owning a company like this. These include the marketing that is all done for each owner before that have even set up the restaurant, or the equipment already being set up and styled in a certain way in order for the restaurant to look exactly like the original one. Each of these advantages is a huge help to any individual who want to open up a new establishments.

There are however also a few disadvantages to being a franchisee. Should a customer have been to a restraint under the same firm as that of this one and experienced a bad outcome, than immediately the idea of any of the other restaurants will be tainted. There are a few more but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Competition between the same franchises is little to none. Yes, more money one brings is the better but it’s under the same company. The marketing model is the same, so they can help more.

Being a part of a corporation like that is a good decision. Familiarity is always a good thing. A quality food and beverage franchise in Singapore is bound to be a success.

Good ERP accounting software is an important tool for all organizations. However, the industry is witnessing changes at a rapid pace. Check out some of these impactful trends as far as the ERP accounting solution landscape is concerned.


It is not a new phenomenon to make use of data for strategic decision-making. However, use of business intelligence functionalities in ERP accounting software is a relatively new development. According to a survey, companies that fall under the category of top performers are more likely to club tools for business analytics along with an ERP solution.

Today, organizations operate with an intention of looking beyond analyzing the liabilities and assets along with expenses and revenues when computing their business performances. At present, the software industry is putting their best foot forward to equip them with capability of assessing more meaningful KPI or key performance indicators.

Support for remote implementation

It is a known fact that an ERP accounting software can be complicated by nature. Perhaps, that is the reason why then often need external support from technology experts for installation, configuration, as well as, support. One of the key trends has been getting access to support services for remote implementation. Thus, buyers now have an expansion of choices for getting assistance to set up their software.

Integration with third party application

Today, comprehensive or ERP accounting software are quite common. Along with a host of options are now available to integrate them with the existing systems of an organization. So, it is of little wonder that there are so many software developers who are vigorously working in close proximity with the various accounting software platforms.

Use of cloud-based software

With cloud technology evolving as a popular trend in ERP accounting software, it has caught the fancy of several organizations. But, why is there such an immense appeal for cloud software? It is a compelling option for organizations who want to outsource both their software and hardware support so that costs can be normalized and they can focus on their core competency areas. Native web-based applications also enable a seamless extension of access to branch offices and users at remote locations. Another key merit of the cloud is the capability for accessing the systems directly with the aid of a web-browser only. This allows the capability of using systems and data of the business from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, companies are drawn to a subscription pricing model when they are aiming to spread out their costs of software over a period of time so that upfront investments of larger magnitude can be avoided.

Technological Advancement:

Technology has made many advancement in various spheres over the past few decades. Technological advancements have made our lives much easier and faster. Our lives have become increasingly dependent on technology. It has changed the ways of our lives. The way we purchase products have changed a lot. We no longer o to market places to buy things. Shopping is now all about online shopping. We now browse through different online sites for shopping to choose what we want to buy. Technology has advanced so much that even vegetables and grocery we can buy while travelling to and from office by just clicking the items we choose on the app in our mobile phones.

Technological advancements have saved large manufacturing organizations save a lot of time in their production unit. Also packaging and delivery has been made easy with technology. Using digital forums marketing of a product can be done to over billions of customers sitting in one’s office cabin.

Even in our daily lives technology has played a vital role in saving our time and energy. For example, payment of bills is now made really easy with self-service kiosks . There is no more the hassle about long queues and scorching heat or commotion while waiting in the queue. It is all about clicking and paying your bill yourselves.


The etymological root of the word “kiosk” lie in the Turkish word ‘kosk’ or Persian word ‘kushk’. Both these words mean a pavilion in the garden which is small in size and stands in a separate corner. These structures were not covered either completely or partially. In the present era this word is used for computer terminals that are freestanding.

These self-service kiosks are of great help. They have a software designed in such a manner that it will help in various transactions. They can store data and also retrieve data from networks. Some of these kiosks only display information as seen in malls which provide directions and a map of the mall. There are computerized kiosks which are also called interactive kiosks. These help in transactions.

Kiosks can be touch screen or have computerized keyboards. Through these we are able to input data in the kiosks, and the kiosk in turn displays information to us. These have greatly saved our time and energy. They are now found everywhere-malls, railway stations, airports, mobile phone stores, movie theatres and even in libraries. Indeed these kiosks have been like a boon to us.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Excel is spreadsheets. Not many users know that Excel is an ideal collaborative tool and can be used to send out e-mails.

Collaborating using Excel

The 2010 version of Excel allows workbooks to be saved onto a SharePoint site. A common saving site enables a global company to consolidate its data in one common premise and allow equal access to those who are geographically apart. Each workbook has an author who retains the power to add or remove participants. Once the work is completed, the workbook can be reverted to private.

To create a shared workbook:

1. Review tab ?Changes –> Share workbook.

2. Editing tab –> Allow changes by more than one user at the same time.

3. Advanced Tab–> select options for updating and tracking–> OK

4. One of the following must be completed

i. Enter a name in the File name box if the workbook is new.

ii. For an existing workbook, click on OK to save–> Microsoft Office Button –>Save As

5. Check to ensure that none of the links are broken before saving the file.

6. To verify and update information on shared documents and workbooks

i. Data Tab–>Connection group–>Edit Links (the option is unavailable if the shared file does not contain any links).

ii. Click on Check status to verify the link status of all on the list.

iii. Status can be checked in the Status column. Choose the option required.

Editing a shared workbook:

On opening the shared workbook, the procedure for data entry remains similar to that of a normal workbook.

1. To open a shared notebook

i. Microsoft Office Button –> Open

ii. Look in–> locate the network where the shared workbook is saved.

iii. Click on Open or double click on the network location.

2. Microsoft Office Button –>Excel options

3. Popular category–> Personalize your office copy–> User name box–> enter the name to identify your work in the shared workbook–> click on OK

4. Data is entered and edited as normal. The following cannot be added or changed- conditional formatting, pictures, merged cells, data validation, charts, scenarios, drawing objects, hyperlinks, data tables, subtotal, PivotTable reports, worksheet and workbook protection and macros.

5. Save the changes made by clicking on Save in the Quick Access toolbar or Cntrl+S

Enroll in a Microsoft Excel training to learn more about such features.

Business Perspective in Singapore:

The business perspective in Singapore is very strong. No wonder it is ranked as the best commercial zone by the ASEAN. However, in order to make Singapore the crème de la crème of all commercialization and corporatization, there have been various reasons that have played a vital role. Firstly, Singaporean government has always been very open and welcoming to new businesses. The lack of corruption in Singapore is another major reason why it becomes the meeting ground of all businessmen. Also, the low tax rates in this place have enhanced the growth prospect of businesses in Singapore.

Like any other city, retail is a part and parcel of Singapore’s commercial life. Business comprising of retail and sale are inter-related and run parallel. There has to be transactions done between a buyer and seller in order to run the economy of a country smoothly. Retail is the selling of goods, between the buyer and seller in small quantities, for the purpose of consumption rather than resale purpose. Retail is the base on which the superstructure of the business is built. In every country there is sales of goods in a retail market. The place where this retail transaction (buying and selling) happens is called the Point of Sale (POS).

Point if Sales in Singapore:

Singapore’s businesses have always seen hay days of prosperity. For this trend to continue, it is important for retail transactions to go on smoothly. In order to make this happen the POS in Singapore has to function well, without causing any hassle or hindrance to buyers and sellers.

In the POS in Singapore, sellers prepare invoices where the amount for the payment is mentioned. The customer or buyer makes the payment and receives a receipt for the same. The POS systems are used to track the sale at each transaction. This is done to keep a track of the sales and also to not get into any tax related trouble.

As lots of financial data is exchanged, sales in the retail market is very critical. Therefore, high security has to be maintained. Thus security of the POS system is very important. Over the years with more technological advancement there came in advanced POS systems that could prevent POS hacking that leads to leak of important data. After the 2000s, with the onset of cloud computing, a new dimension in POS system can be reached whereby one can control the POS system through the internet.

The etiquettes of a city are as diverse as its culture. An American in Singapore will be easily baffled with the seemingly stringent laws. That being said, Singapore is always lauded as one of the easiest cities for business encounters. The city is the home for four national languages, cultural diversity and a cauldron of commerce and culture.

While staying at a business hotel Singapore, it is imperative that the guest abides by the local laws and refrains from hurting the local sentiments.

Business etiquette in Singapore:

* Dress code is inflexible. Dress smart in trousers and shirts without a blazer. The high temperature permeates through the blazer if you wear one.

* During the first meeting, a handshake is appropriate. If you are left handed make a conscious effort to use your right hand. It is a sign of disrespect when the left hand is used to greet an acquaintance. Do not try mimicking the Malay greeting.

* Carry a business card to make a good first impression. Offer the card with both hands which is a customary sign of respect. When you are offered a business card, look through it before you put it away.

* When a business partner invites you to their office, bring chocolates as a token of appreciation. Also, be prepared to leave your shoes at the door.

* Singaporeans are intolerant towards late comers. Be on time and save yourself from unnecessary complications.

* If there are elders in the group, greet them first.

Hotel etiquettes in Singapore:

* While dining at a restaurant before tipping check to see if service tax is levied on the total bill. A tip of 10% is considered as appropriate. In Singapore, the waiter does not receive a cut from the service charge. If the restaurant has a tip jar, place as much as you feel is necessary.

* Do not smoke in public or in the hotel if it’s restricted. You may face jail time if you disregard their local laws.

* Tipping the taxi driver or the bell boy is frowned upon by the government.

* Do not thrash the room. You are not Nikki Sixx and doing so might attract a fine.

* If traveling with a partner, do not engage in public display of affection in the hotel premises or outside

Most of the other travel etiquettes remain the same. Be polite and respect the common practices and laws even if you disagree. Remember, that a guest is respected as long as they behave like one.

The recent years have seen phenomenal growth in the field of mobile marketing and it is likely that the same trend would continue in the coming years.

As more and more marketers continue engaging their customers on their hand-held and mobile devices, it is vital that they focus on the various merits of mobile marketing over the traditional marketing done over the web. These merits help the marketers to hold the attention of the fans. However, if they are not addressed in a proper manner, they can also lead to relationship hazards.

If mobile marketers focus on these merits, they can offer the highest possible values to their potential and existing customers and engage them in a better manner.

Awareness of the location

It is critical to know the geographic location of someone so that he or she can be engaged in a relevant communication or conversation.

Location offers contextual information, as well as, proximity ate. Both these aspects should be given importance while marketers use LBS or location-based services for conversing with their customers.

Time relevance can be improved

Mobile and hand-held devices are equipped with the nature of being always-aware and always-on. They are powered to offer more timely messages than any other communication channel.

Moreover, the use of MMS/SMS functionalities on the mobile phones and mobile-based micro-blogging tools help in spontaneity, message brevity and informality for supporting conversations that barely existed in earlier Web marketing.

SMS messages offer the merit of drastically less average response time as compared to postal mail or email.

The quality of the marketing conversations get enhanced due to an improved response time, However, there may be a reduction in the marketing benefits of customers ascertain the use of message filters for splitting their corporate and personal conversations.


A majority of the mobile phone users always have their devices near them-at least for 90 percent of the time in a day. This also includes all those times when the other media may be unavailable.

The penetration of mobile phones is so high that conversations are now easy to conduct almost all the time.

The meaning of “mobile” is not in a single place. Thus mobile and hand-held devices have become an integral part of an individual and not dependent on the location where a person is. This concept is a truly powerful one for two contradictory reasons:

* The marketers can reach the customers almost all the times.

* It is easy to interrupt the customers almost always.

As mobile marketing mat be also a highly interruptive channel, too much marketing efforts using the channel can disconcert several consumers and may be related to the days of nationwide outbound telemarketing. As such, it is crucial to let the mobile customers ascertain when and how they can hold conversations.

Data management gets improved while reducing targeting errors

As opposed to other channels of personalized messaging, possessing a unique ID in the form of a phone number can significantly result in the improvement of CRM integrity for all such marketers who have a record of historically relying on inaccurate techniques for transaction linking. Hire the services on an online marketing agency to help you with your mobile marketing needs.

Many companies now recognize team building as a way of making the best out of their human resources. Team building is the strategy employed by a company in order to improve on its team productivity or output, for instance by increasing motivation, improving employee-to-employee relations, learning each one another strength and weaknesses, boosting morale, and improving communication, just to mention a few.

Team building activities center on ensuring team members participate in activities that are both fun and challenging, with an overall motive of improving teamwork and/or skills that help to build a team towards a common goal. There are various activities that a company can employ in its team building endeavor, and below are the most common of them.

1. Communication

It is recognized that effective communication helps a company achieve its goals better and faster. This corporate team building activity is designed to help members of the team not only learn from each other but also know about each other. Request each member to write down two truths and a lie about themselves on a piece of paper.

The leader can then allow 10-15 minutes for open conversation where members question each other on and about their three issues. In this case, members only guess each other person’s truths and lie and must not reveal to each other the actual written ones.

After the conversation, gather and let each to read out his or her statements and the rest vote which they think is a lie and which they perceive to be true. The owner can then reveal which is true and which is false. Members can compete with each other based on the number of correct or wrong guesses one makes for all cases.

2. Encouraging teamwork skills

The great egg drop game is suggested for trying to encourage teamwork in a fun way. The group is split into smaller teams and each is asked to construct an egg package that would sustain the egg after a drop from eight feet height. Supply the team with all tools and materials needed.

After each is finished building the package, ask them to advertise and explain how their package works. Ask them to show it practically by actually dropping an egg inside the designed package.

3. Problem solving with team work skills

To build team work skills, the leader can choose a picture, cut it into equal squares that are enough to give all participants, issue all of them with pens or pencils, and request them to make copies of their original square. The copy made should be five times bigger than the original square.

After this, all participants are requested to assemble the many giant pieces into a one giant piece on a table. Each will learn how their individual work contributes to the larger goal.

4. Team creativity and motivation

A leader can tell members that he or she does not have any activity or extra activity for the session, yet there is time for an activity. The intention is to challenge members to design their own activities individually or in a team. You could even state that there will be a reward for the team that designs the best activities or say most challenging or difficult activity as voted by members.

You might want to break the team into smaller groups, and start them off with a problem to solve, or ask them to design a problem together with its solution. Each group is then challenged to present an activity that demonstrates the problem and related solution to others.

5. Teamwork, trust and learning each other’s strength and weaknesses

Trust among workmates is important to seeing any work through. Design an activity that involves teamwork, but ensure the team is made of about five people. Let them work on an activity designed in such a manner that each person will separately return results to the rest of the workmates, but that each piece of the results is useful to the final execution of the project.

The best team is also to be rewarded or recognized. Corporate team building helps both large and small organizations leverage human resources by improving communication, leaning about and from each other, teamwork problem identification and solving, as well as boosting morale and motivation. There are many activities that can help in boosting teamwork skills and should be chosen based on company’s needs.

The Chinese language has grown in its popularity globally; this can be attributed to the rise of the country from the financial standpoint. The Chinese economy is the world’s second largest economy, meaning it can provide some of the best job opportunities in the world. Due to this meteoric rise of china, even the Chinese language has grown in its stature.

The rise of Chinese language can be attributed many reasons, we shall look at a few important ones here.

_Nov_06.JPG” width=”386″ />

The world’s largest exporter

China remains the world’s largest exporter of good in the world. These days if you look at anything that you use, mostly electronics all have the made in china tag. China is the preferred country for all of the world’s top consumer product companies. Such a large importance in the global consumer market makes china a country filled with job opportunities. Companies need employees who can speak Chinese so that they can supervise their plants in china.

With a huge and cheap workforce at anyone’s disposal, it makes an interesting proposition. This is one of the main reason due to which Chinese language has grown in its popularity. Mandarin classes in Singapore can help you learn the language with the help of tutors.

Huge market

China is not only a huge market for production but also a huge market for sales. With around 1.3 billion people living in the country, it makes a huge market for any product. In order to tap into the market, companies should have the knowledge of their culture and tradition. This can only be done by learning the language and understanding the Chinese language.

Companies want employees who are fluent in Chinese so that they can expand or start their business in china. Chinese people contribute a lot to the luxury goods market, making the entry into the Chinese market an enticing business venture.

Investment abroad

Chinese businesses want to invest abroad and they need people who can speak both Chinese as well as English in order to work for the company. There will be more job opportunities for people with Chinese skills in all the major markets.

The rise of importance of Chinese language cannot be ignored. It has definitely warranted its place as one of the most important business language in the world. Hence learning the language is very important for you to have a positive growth in your career. Mandarin classes in Singapore can be very helpful for your career

Three words that terrorize any business are the words jointly liable, solely liable and severally liable. Used in the context of tax liability and payroll, the aftereffects are fear inducing. There are certain associated risks to outsourcing the company payroll.

Risk of outsourcing payroll

The employer must be aware that he is solely responsible for all the withholding and employment tax that is owed to the state, even in cases where the employer clears the amount with the payroll service provider. The employee is liable to pay the taxes twice when the employer or the payroll service provider fails to deposit funds. In case of no tax payment made, the staff responsible for ensuring deposition of tax returns can be held personally responsible in case of failure to produce a duplicate payment copy.

Of the huge population of agencies that offer payroll outsourcing Singapore , only a small population is untrustworthy.

Risk management

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