Is pre-schooling your child really necessary?

Though there are a few people who have unnecessary apprehensions about the benefits of pre-schooling, most of the parents emphatically assert that admitting their children in a pre nursery Singapore will immensely benefit their kids. Let us now look at how a preschool can help children, more particularly in their development.

1. School Readiness

By admitting your child in a pre nursery, you will be helping in his overall achievement in his academics, especially when he does his higher studies. This means his success in studies will get hastened by pre-schooling. A number of studies have been conducted to prove how pre-schooling positively helps children secure high scores in very important subjects like mathematics. In short, pre-schooling helps in early literacy. It is a proven fact that the emotional and social developments of those children who are admitted in preschools are better than those who do not attend preschools.

2. Social and Emotional Development

According to James Heckman, a Nobel Laureate and an economist at the Chicago University, the long-term benefits early education bestows on children are immense. Especially, their emotional and social developments will be so good that social skills that can help them interact appropriately with others will be of very high quality. They will become resilient and can face even tough circumstances calmly when they grow up.

3. Social Progress

The research conducted by Heckman further reveals that there will certainly be a 7 to 10 percent annual return from the investments parents make towards pre-schooling of their kids. Heckman also argues emphatically that it is during pre-schooling kids learn what are called “soft” skills, that include focusing, having an open mind, compromising and controlling their strong emotions like anger. These traits will help them in out-smarting their peers when they grow up and look for jobs or start their own businesses.

This means by admitting their kids in a high-quality pre nursery in Singapore, parents will be helping their children in many ways. A research conducted by the Ounce of Prevention Fund also reveals that at-risk kids who have not received preschool education of good quality are more likely to discontinue their studies and drop out. The same study shows that a considerable number of these children may even be arrested for violent crimes.

In a nutshell, pre-schooling children in very much necessary because of the immense benefits it bestows on them.

What You Should Know About Starting a Franchise Business in Singapore

If you are looking to start a business overseas, then a franchise opportunity in Singapore may be the best you can find. This is because Singapore is a fast-growing economy and a lucrative market in which to invest. You can find many local and international franchises such as Subway, KFC, Instaroid, Frespresso, Gold’s Gym, and many others doing well in the island-city.

The primary reason businesspeople opt to invest in a franchise is that it is a proven profit-making enterprise. There is no need to worry about business strategy or working model. All they have to do is bear operating costs. As easy as it sounds, there are a few points to consider before embarking on this journey.

* What interests you?

It is best to invest in a franchise that closely matches your passion. This is because you know what your strengths and weaknesses are and can handle the business accordingly. If you are a master with numbers then you could choose a franchise that deals with finance. Similarly, if you are a people-person then customer service could be your forte.

* Are you willing to take the risk?

Riding on a successful business model may seem like the easiest investment, but what you may not know is that you only get the plan, nothing else. All the costs, from renting a place to finding employees, have to be borne by you. Be aware of the operating costs after you set up the business as well.

* Meet the franchisor

You should know with whom you are entering into a partnership. Meeting the management can help you understand the business better and ease your decision-making process.

* Calculate overall costs

A franchisor is entitled to franchise fees that include trademark royalties, training fees, and a portion of your sales. Operating costs will vary from time to time. You may have to make changes to suit business requirements that also come from your pocket. You will need about SGD$50,000 to SGD$600,000 to simply break into the business.

* Pick safe brands

Carving a niche and standing out from the crowd is an admirable sentiment but a time-consuming process on the road to profit. A well-established brand, on the other hand, already has a loyal customer base that will reel in profits. If you are starting out, then choose a brand with which customers are already familiar such as Subway or Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

If you have read and understood the costs, risks, and obstacles involving a franchise opportunity in Singapore and are confident in dealing with them, then you can expect a steady and rewarding business experience.

When Busing A F&B Franchise, Singapore Residents Have One Great Option To Consider

Foods are being introduced internationally by owners who want to expand their restaurants. There are a few difficulties that go into expanding a restaurant, but should these concerns be dealt with there are far more advantages that come with owning a F&B franchise is that Singapore residents are sure to visit often. From taking southern food from the USA and shima from Africa, and making it available to all, this sort of business has bridged the gap for food owners worldwide.

A franchise is a means in which an owner of restaurants chooses in which to make food accessible for the guests all over the world or even a bigger area than just the home town. By branching out the owner is able share the love for the food that is made and make is accessible for the public all over. With plenty of traveling that goes into opening up franchises, there is a lot of work that goes into it, which can always be fun.

Business executives toasting success at lunch

A big problem that can prove to be a lot more severing from some owners than others is that getting the recipes exact with all the necessary ingredients. Due to the fact that each item on the menu needs to be a mirror of the signature home restraints dish, each time must be correct. This can prove to be difficult when ingredients like sushi or Ostrich can only be obtained from certain parts of the world.

There are however plenty of advantages that go with owning a company like this. These include the marketing that is all done for each owner before that have even set up the restaurant, or the equipment already being set up and styled in a certain way in order for the restaurant to look exactly like the original one. Each of these advantages is a huge help to any individual who want to open up a new establishments.

There are however also a few disadvantages to being a franchisee. Should a customer have been to a restraint under the same firm as that of this one and experienced a bad outcome, than immediately the idea of any of the other restaurants will be tainted. There are a few more but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Competition between the same franchises is little to none. Yes, more money one brings is the better but it’s under the same company. The marketing model is the same, so they can help more.

Being a part of a corporation like that is a good decision. Familiarity is always a good thing. A quality food and beverage franchise in Singapore is bound to be a success.

ERP accounting software trends that will stay

Good ERP accounting software is an important tool for all organizations. However, the industry is witnessing changes at a rapid pace. Check out some of these impactful trends as far as the ERP accounting solution landscape is concerned.


It is not a new phenomenon to make use of data for strategic decision-making. However, use of business intelligence functionalities in ERP accounting software is a relatively new development. According to a survey, companies that fall under the category of top performers are more likely to club tools for business analytics along with an ERP solution.

Today, organizations operate with an intention of looking beyond analyzing the liabilities and assets along with expenses and revenues when computing their business performances. At present, the software industry is putting their best foot forward to equip them with capability of assessing more meaningful KPI or key performance indicators.

Support for remote implementation

It is a known fact that an ERP accounting software can be complicated by nature. Perhaps, that is the reason why then often need external support from technology experts for installation, configuration, as well as, support. One of the key trends has been getting access to support services for remote implementation. Thus, buyers now have an expansion of choices for getting assistance to set up their software.

Integration with third party application

Today, comprehensive or ERP accounting software are quite common. Along with a host of options are now available to integrate them with the existing systems of an organization. So, it is of little wonder that there are so many software developers who are vigorously working in close proximity with the various accounting software platforms.

Use of cloud-based software

With cloud technology evolving as a popular trend in ERP accounting software, it has caught the fancy of several organizations. But, why is there such an immense appeal for cloud software? It is a compelling option for organizations who want to outsource both their software and hardware support so that costs can be normalized and they can focus on their core competency areas. Native web-based applications also enable a seamless extension of access to branch offices and users at remote locations. Another key merit of the cloud is the capability for accessing the systems directly with the aid of a web-browser only. This allows the capability of using systems and data of the business from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, companies are drawn to a subscription pricing model when they are aiming to spread out their costs of software over a period of time so that upfront investments of larger magnitude can be avoided.